Glorious designs without the gallery price tag

At Meraki Design Studio we believe art is for everyone. We offer a high-quality, carefully selected range of affordable canvas and wall art prints for interiors lovers, allowing you to find a piece you love and take it home to enjoy every day. We also offer personalised foil prints which you can customise for yourself or for a loved one. Pick a quote, choose a foil colour and select a background to create something beautiful, unique and full of meaning.

A gift like no other

Looking for the perfect gift for a special occasion? Why not create a one-of-a-kind foil print for your loved one? Ideal as a birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day and baby shower gift, one of our gorgeous custom prints will wow that special someone (and help share the gift of art with them too!)

It’s easy to get started. Explore our existing designs and change up the foil and background colour to create a completely new work of art. Or use your own quote or text to make something completely unique. A custom print is truly a gift like no other.


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Explore your own creativity

Our Brisbane fluid acrylic art workshops are designed to help you create your own work of art, taking you behind the scenes of the art making process to explore your own creativity. Email to see when our next workshop is set to run.