Dutch Pour Technique | Blow it out!-Meraki Design Studio
Dutch Pour Technique | Blow it out!-Meraki Design Studio
Dutch Pour Technique | Blow it out!-Meraki Design Studio
Dutch Pour Technique | Blow it out!-Meraki Design Studio
Dutch Pour Technique | Blow it out!-Meraki Design Studio
Dutch Pour Technique | Blow it out!-Meraki Design Studio

Dutch Pour Technique | Blow it out!


This workshop is all about getting creative with the Dutch Pour technique and with a hairdryer at hand we will blow layers of paint to form beautiful abstract compositions.

Learn how to create soft, more ethereal looking paintings, as well as how to layer paint to achieve softness, negative space, and balanced composition. You just can’t easily get this sort of look with a flip cup or any of the other acrylic pouring techniques.

The workshop will commence with an introduction to the materials that will be used throughout the session, as well as an explanation of the importance of fluid consistency and the behavioural characteristics of acrylic paint.

We will then progress to a demonstration of how to mix and layer the paint and disperse the colours using a hairdryer to form your abstract artwork.

You will experiment and practice paint layering and blowing techniques on 3 canvases (20x25cm).  Then we will move onto creating a beautiful BIG masterpiece - 40 x 50cm canvas (deep edge)

The deep edge canvas creates a modern, clean look which is ready to be displayed on your walls!

This workshop is for beginners to acrylic pouring or anyone who wants to add an alternative technique to their paint pouring skills. No prior experience is required.  If you’re looking to get a bit creative while having heaps of fun then this is for you.


What’s included?

You will be provided with a range of canvases

      3 canvases - 20x25cm (thin edge)

      1 canvas -  40x50cm (deep edge)

1lt Base Paint Medium

A wide range of beautiful acrylic paint colours and the equipment needed to create    your own artwork.

Note Card with the following information:

- Pouring medium recipe

- Avoid muddy colours cheat sheet

- Colour Combinations ideas and layering

Throughout the entire 2.5 hour session you will receive guidance on how to create your own Dutch Pour masterpiece.

This is a hand’s on workshop so wear your paint clothes and be ready to get a bit messy.  Please bring your own apron or painting shirt.

The art work that you’ve created during the workshop will be yours to take home – however, this will NOT BE DIRECTLY after the class as your artwork will still be wet and cannot be transported.

Your finished canvases require a drying period of min. 6 days and will need to be collected after this time from the venue. Shipping can be arranged at an additional $25.00*

Please Note:

The workshop includes some nibbles and a coffee/tea or drink will be provided. Please advise me of any dietary requirements (for food) ahead of time.

Refunds. Cancellations up to 10 business day before a workshop will receive a refund. Please note that a $10 cancellation fee will apply due to transaction and administration costs.

Due to the costs involved to prepare for a workshop, no refunds will be given to any no shows on the day.


Where does the workshops take place?

I conduct all workshops from my Home Studio in North Lakes, Brisbane. It's fully equipped with all the tools (and liters of paint!) that we need to complete a workshop - and yes! fully airconditioned as well. Yay :)

What is the workshop duration?

Approx. 2.5 hours. From 10am to 12:30pm.  This might vary slightly depending on how much we ooeee and aahh over the completed work, how many colours we mix in preparing for the art work and of course - tea time!

What can I bring into the event?

You might want to bring along an apron or paint shirt to protect your clothing, but apart from that all materials will be supplied. 

Is parking available?

Yes, you are welcome to park in the drive way - securly away from the street.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Yes, you are welcome to contact me via Facebook or at admin@merakidesignstudio.com.au

Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?

Yes it is! Please email me at admin@merakidesignstudio to let me know in advance if someone else will be attending in your place.

From time to time, some of my original fluid artwork is available for purchase. To view my work, please head over to my Instagram @merakidesignstudio.aus – or visit my shops at Vend Market Place, 1768 Sandgate Road, Virginia.  Vend Marketplace and Cafe, is a hub of local businesses, designers & creators all under one roof, and is open 8-4pm, 7 days a week.