Fluid Acrylic Workshops

I’m so happy you’ve stumbled across this page...

Now, let’s get creative!

Join me for a workshop and discover the magical world of Fluid Acrylic Art.

No prior art experience is required as I will guide you through the process and share all the ‘tips and secrets’ of creating your own masterpiece in fluid art.

Below you can find all the workshop information for 3 different fluid art techniques currently on offer:

ShelleeArt Bloom Technique
Dutch Pour – Blow it out!
Discover the accidental artist in you (FlipCups & Dirty Pours)

    Let me know... Specific date in mind? Would you like to include more people in the group? Would you like to paint a specific size canvas? Include more canvasses in your workshop? These things are all possible!

    Get in touch with me at: admin@merakidesignstudio.com.au  or contact me on (07) 3491 8106.

    All workshops are hosted from my home studio in North Lakes, Brisbane QLD.

    Discover the 'accidental' artist in you! - Fluid Acrylic Workshop-Meraki Design Studio

    Discover the 'accidental' artist in you! - Fluid Acrylic Workshop


    Bloom Technique - SheleeArt | Fluid Acrylic-Meraki Design Studio

    Bloom Technique - SheleeArt | Fluid Acrylic


    Dutch Pour Technique | Blow it out!-Meraki Design Studio

    Dutch Pour Technique | Blow it out!